Full-stack web developer, marketer, and consultant for hire at TMV Social.

Cody Tucker

I build things for people, good stuff, things that impact people's business. Things like websites, apps, software, etc.

When I'm not building, I'm doing. I fix overly complicated processes and find a way to automate or improve them.

Quick sidebar: The other day, I corresponded with a few people in the federal government to get data faster for a client so he could sell more products. I'm not sure what you call that, but I offer that. If it would help you out...

Lastly, I take people's products or services to market. I research, build the feedback loop, and develop sales and distribution channels. Maybe you went to market years ago, but things aren't going as well as you'd hoped. I fix that.


I've been self-employed for almost a decade. And with no college or formal training. My efforts have been directly responsible for millions in revenue.

The key to my success was learning to face worthwhile challenges. I ask the right questions to understand problems and build solutions.

I bring a deep technical competency, breadth of experience, and unsurpassed emotional intelligence that allow me to see things from multiple perspectives.

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