Hey, I'm Cody🖐

This is where I show off projects, write, and try ideas.

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Currently, I'm researching AI and what it can do for businesses. So far, I've created CARL, a custom sales-focused AI model.

I learned to create CARL from the AI Bible research project. Of which I took internally recently. I documented all of the findings in a flavorful series of project updates.

If that interests you, you might also like this article. It's the first update.

Unraveling the Divine Code

An introduction of the AI Bible Research project that shows the tool and some responses centered around biblical genealogies. This research uses OpenAI's models to describe connections between key figures and raises intriguing questions.

November 15, 2023
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I write opinion pieces on psychology, ethics, and faith that people find helpful. This one on indirect communication is a peek into my style of personal introspection.

Benefits of Indirect Communication

Here, we delve into the depths of our day-to-day experiences and extract insights that can help each of us navigate our personal and professional journeys more mindfully.

December 1, 2023
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I use this site as a bridge for personal and professional topics.

Professionally, I'm a business consultant. Read more on the About Me page.