Finding Balance in Effort and Reward

Finding the perfect balance between effort and reward is a crucial life skill. This article delves into personal reflections, striking that balance, refining objectives.

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Finding the Balance Between Effort and Reward

One of my latest journal entries began with seeing a video last weekend. In this case, it made me think about the balance between effort and reward. Here’s the connection that came to mind:

One day a young man really wanted a six-pack. He focused on the results of the six-pack, not on the effort he was putting out. How one day his friends would be envious and girls would pay attention to him. While he was working out, he was living out the results, not focusing on the work.

This led me to reflect on my focus. Sometimes, I lean too much into the effort, almost making the effort itself my reward. It's a mindset that can lead to a feeling of self-satisfaction, but it also has pitfalls.

The Key Takeaways:

  1. Focus on the Goal, Not Just the Effort: Effort is vital, but we must keep our eyes on the prize. As in the tale of the six-pack, it's the balance between vision and action that leads to fulfillment.
  2. Striking the Balance Between Earthly Work and Heavenly Rewards: This brings to mind the concept of "Dying to yourself." There's a delicate equilibrium between working for rewards on Earth and striving for spiritual fulfillment.
    1. The reward is in Heaven, but our work is on Earth.
    2. If we focus too much on the reward, we forget to run the race that gets the reward.
    3. If we focus too much on the work, we can lose sight of the reward and stray from the path.
  3. Establishing Priorities: Our lives need constraints and rewards to guide us. Priorities are built on both internal and external factors, helping us align our actions with our goals.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation, either focusing too much on the effort or the reward? How did you strike the balance?

Refining Personal Objectives: Turning Goals into Realities

From professional goals to family life, sustainable resources, and personal growth, defining clear actionable steps has become vital for me. Here's a breakdown of my goal-setting template:

  • Motives: Why am I pursuing this goal?
  • Social Impact: How does it affect others?
  • Attainability: What's my plan to achieve it?
  • Obstacles: What challenges might I face?
  • Measuring Progress: How will I track my success?


  • Are your goals aligned with your values and the impact you wish to have?
  • How do you measure progress and overcome obstacles?