AI Bible Research

A passion project where I created an app to ask questions 'to' the bible using AI.

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2023 - Now

Here is a summary of the key points of the AI Bible research project:

  • The project aims to create an AI-powered tool to aid Bible study and exploration. The goal is to foster deeper engagement with scripture by blending technology and spirituality.
  • The tool being developed is an AI chatbot that can have conversations about biblical topics. Users can ask questions and the AI will respond with relevant passages, explanations, and narratives.
  • The project explores using natural language processing and graph databases to help the AI better understand and connect concepts within the Bible. Visualizations like illustrations and timelines are also being considered.
  • There are challenges around the AI having sufficient context when working with large amounts of biblical text. Chunking text using a modular pipeline is one approach being taken.
  • Ethical considerations around visual representations and interpretation are important. Input from experts and people of faith helps ensure fidelity to source material.
  • User feedback through an alpha testing phase will be critical for improving and shaping the tool. Balancing simplicity and advanced features for different audiences is also being explored.
  • Ongoing priorities include optimizing costs, incorporating customization, and gathering user perspectives on proposed features and visualizations.