CARL: Custom Sales-Focused AI Model

Customer Acquisition Response Learning, or CARL for short.

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2023 - Now

Carl focuses on the structure of sales conversations. It's trained on roughly 75,000 words from sales conversations that range from introduction pleasantries to objection handling, going over proposals, and price negotiation.

Unlike most sales-focused AI models, Carl is a sales expert rather than a product expert. Carl takes a consultative approach and asks prospects open-ended questions. This elicits the users' internal motivations and lays a foundation for productive two-way communication.

In most cases, responses from Carl are production-ready and can be customer-facing. Another option is letting Carl listen to your sales calls and provide you with live responses. With the addition of product knowledge in the form of a vector database, Carl becomes a product expert who knows with high likelihood what to say next to move the conversation forward at the prospect's pace.