Dynamic Landing Page Builder

Traditional websites weren't working for Brokerage Specialists anymore. So I built a landing page builder that supercharged their marketing workflow.

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Brokerage Specialists
2023 - Now

Their old CMS was clunky and provided limited options for changing their website. Updates on the old system were slow to make and the design needed a fresher look.

I wanted to find a middle ground between ease of use for content updates and performance. I opted for a headless JAMstack approach using Sanity and NextJS.

Todd their CEO wanted to lead people through the pages like he would in person on a sales call. I replicated this effect with dynamic changes to the page so the visitor could get exactly what they want by visiting a single page. When you click a button that says watch the video, the video replaces the hero image. Subtle touches like that are all over the site.

It was also important to Todd that the financial reports that his clients get so much value from are present and in full view. I created a custom PDF renderer and viewer to let people preview the reports they will receive when working with Todd.