Website v4.0.0

For the past eight years, I've maintained my blog and my agency's marketing site. When I wanted to try new tech or learn something new, I had to choose business or personal. This project marks a paradigm shift in business and personal ventures.

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2023 - Now

It's so easy to make the tech behind the product sound interesting. This site is a fully typed, headless JAMstack using NextJS and Sanity. That's an impressive stack, worthy of many Fortune 500 companies.

But to me, the site's purpose is more interesting, joining together two halves of my world, business and personal.

I think deeply about philosophy, ethics, faith, and psychology. While there's no visible overlap between my business and my thoughts on life, it's all one person behind the scenes.

I've kept things separate due to some pseudo-respect for my customers, even though I've had many personal conversations with the same people.

Personal thoughts aren't taboo in business. You do business with skilled people who you like personally. So that's what I've accomplished here. A website that gracefully blends business and personal.

With a few clever tricks and well-thought-out information architecture, people here for business will see business. People here for personal will see personal. And people here for both will see both.